2 medical students arrested for throwing puppy from roof

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Sonam Joshi

A disturbing 33 second video, shot in slow motion showing an Indian man throw a dog from a two-story terrace in the southern city of Chennai, sparked international outrage. Both police and animal advocates actively searched for the men; the medical student who threw the dog and another student thought to have filmed the horrendous deed. Posted on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, a frightened puppy is shown whimpering as the puppy is held by his neck, and the man stares at the camera.

On Wednesday, the students were arrested and when questioned by police stated they threw the dog and videotaped it “just for fun.”

According to Mashable, Gautam Sudarshan, who threw the dog from the roof in the video, and Ashish Paul, who shot the video, are final year students at a medical college in Chennai. The two had been hiding out since the video went viral on social media in the last two days, however the video was alleged to have been shot two weeks prior.

As for the five-month-old puppy, she has been rescued and is currently being treated for fractures in her hind leg and spine at the Tamil Nadu Veterinary University Hospital. The men have been charged with animal cruelty and immediately released on bond sparking even more public outrage.

Sonam Joshi 2

The video is very disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

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24 replies
  1. Susan Steele Loughnane says:

    Do we need to see the dog tossed? I need only imagine it. I’m glad they were arrested. With any luck they will be kicked out of the school and be banned from practicing medicine in any capacity. They are incapable of truthfully taking the oath to “first do no harm”.

  2. Cyndie Sue says:

    Someone should throw that fat bastard & his accomplice from a 50 story building. That poor little girl! She was wagging her tail & then he threw her! I shouldn’t have watched it. Her cries are heartbreaking. Pray for the baby to recover. And these LOSERS are med students? They should be thrown out of school & into jail.

  3. Marissa says:

    That piece of shit should be shot, what the hell is wrong with you other then the fact that you are a flipping idiot. I sure as heck hope this ruins your chances as a doctor, nurse whatever !!! You flipping piece of crap !!!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    Disgusting pieces of humanity, I wish someone would throw them off the roof! I hope the poor pup will be ok!

  5. Hilda Landaeta says:

    And that BEAST is supposed to be a “Doctor ” he is just a criminal abuser!!! Don’t let them get away with this crime!

  6. mongibello says:

    No way would I watch the video. Hope these POS students get kicked out of med school and get prison time but knowing the justice system in that country I doubt anything will come of the charges.
    Glad the pup is now safe.

  7. Mel says:

    It’s really disturbing to see students of a noble profession were the first ones doing the hurting to another living being, and for what? For fun?????!!!!! You shouldn’t even be given a license to treat anyone as you might overdose a patient “for fun”! This obviously screams “SICK IN THE HEAD” already to be allowed to practice medicine!

  8. agrippamom says:

    So they’re medical students? Seems to me they’re 2 ‘people’ who should be kicked out of school and who should never be allowed to practice medicine on a cockroach. They did this ‘for fun’, they say? It’s fun breaking the bones of an innocent victim? Granted, I DO know some doctors who are sociopaths and are just like this, and heaven knows the profession does not need any more of them. Justice would be for someone to take them to the tallest building in the city and throw them off. Everyone would be better off.

  9. Lupe Ibarra says:

    Don’t give them license to become Doctors heaven knows what horrible thing they would do to patients FOR FUN like they said THEY did to fur baby do not trust this murders…

  10. Kate Cheek says:

    Doctors? Doing something like this, they should be chucked out of university and then chucked of a building to see what “fun “that is. Pair of brainless fuckers.

  11. liz wright says:

    ship them to a desert island where there are no living creatures and leave them there until they rot !!!!!

  12. Judy says:

    I agree. The very best punishment is to throw both off a high enough bldg to kill them. That would INSURE they’d never get near a medical license. God forbid! What would they do to a vulnerable patient for “fun”! Sick sick sick mental cases. They need to be removed from this life!

  13. Marie Rickard says:

    They must never be permitted to practice medicine!!!!! They are exactly the antithesis of “doctors” who are supposed to be committed to our health and care!

  14. ellen cottone says:

    karma must be a crock of shit if these 2 medical students india could feel free to murder in front of god(s).
    Hippocratic oath my ass


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