19 cows die while trying to seek shelter from storm

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In Hallsville, Texas, nearly two dozen cows who were trying to seek shelter during a violent storm were killed when a lightning bolt struck the tree that they were standing under. According to Monday’s KLTV News, 19 cows were killed in an instant on Sunday night.

Victor Benson, who witnessed the tragic incident, told KLTV News, “All of a sudden, a lightning bolt came down and the cows just fell. In the blink of an eye a lightning bolt, and there was lightning everywhere, but just one (bolt) and it was over.”

The cows belong to the Anderson family, who has noted that they have never seen, or heard, of anything like this before. The downed cows were removed from the pasture quickly and given to people who could use them for meat.

Last Friday, over 300 reindeer were killed in a mountainous area of Norway during a violent lightning storm – officials have stated that they had never seen so many animals killed at one time in such a manner.

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