16-year-old German shepherd surrendered back to shelter just when she needed her family the most

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When a 16-year-old German shepherd’s family should be celebrating their dog’s loyalty and long life, instead Blacky stares out of a kennel cage at the Baldwin Animal Care Center in California. Blackie the German shepherdOn August 5, Blacky was no longer wanted; one last car ride, her collar removed and the heartbreaking look of betrayal on her face showing, as she watches her family leave for the last time.

Blacky does have a growth on her chin. Could that have been the reason her family decided to abandon her at the shelter? Blackie the German shepherd 2 Although it is not known how serious the growth may be, there are programs and financial help for struggling families whose dogs are in need. Described as a very sweet natured dog who accepts her treats gently, advocates continue to pledge funds for an approved rescue organization to save Blacky’s life.

Click here for a Facebook page  to follow her plight. Share her story with family, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives, and every life counts. An additional page which reflects the intake shelter ID#A1677895 when Blacky was first adopted from the shelter, can be found here. All those years of loyalty, and Blacky winds up back where she started as a puppy. Blackie the German shepherd 3

For more information, contact:

Baldwin Park Shelter located at  4275 Elton Street, Baldwin Park, California 91706. Phone: 626 430 2378.

(Photos courtesy of Pat Gregoire)

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  1. Scumbag family she left your mother and father there or your uncle or your aunt and I want to get old just discard them to pieces of s*** I love you

  2. hope you can find him a new home soon.he was they 4 legged kid for a long time and then no longer wanted him.they need to pay for his care and opertion on his growth if needed.that was they kid.make them do it.hope he gets a new home that will keep him until death.

  3. What a Rotten ! Rotten! Family to do this !!!!! Compassion, Gratitude, Loyal, Caring, NOT!NOT!NOT!NOT! I wish No ILL Will but JUST MAYBE THE INDIVIDUAL that did this horrific deed!!! MEETS the Same Fate with an ILLNESS and The WHOLE FAMILY JUST WALKS AWAY!!! They DESERVE THIS TREATMENT!!!

  4. There are just to many of these jerkoff so called families doing this to the innocent seniors! ! They should have a wall of shame for these kinds and never own an animal again.
    They probably already have another one, which will be at the shelter in years to come!

  5. I will say this until I die. When in the hell did we lose our humanity for our fellow animals that we discard them like trash and leave them to die around strangers instead of around familiar people. I stayed with all my pets at the end of life and never once thought to leave them like some of these assholes do now.

  6. I dont understand hao some people can be so cruel to leave their old friend back at the shelter after having him for so many years? Anymals have fealings to.im ahamed of some people here.

  7. And the senior dumping continues. Blacky is a very sweet and confused 16, yes 16!!, yr old black GSD that was dumped at Baldwin Park, aka a very high kill shelter. Living 16 yrs is amazing and it shows that at sometime someone cared for and took care of her. Blacky does have a growth on her chin that needs medical treatment. She needs a foster home, pledges for her care and medical treatment and a rescue group to oversee her care until she is ready for her furever home or a furever foster. Please share to help her get out of this shelter before she gets an airborne illness. At her age, that could be deadly.

    Please read this article about her.


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