Senior dog surrendered by family who was too busy

15-year-old blind dog left by owners who were ‘too busy’

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Update 11/6/16: Safe!

On Sunday, October 30, a 15-year-old, mostly blind dog, was left at a high-intake California animal control agency by his family who told staff at the shelter that they were “too busy” to keep their dog. The senior dog, named “Loki,” is understandably confused by the sudden upheaval in his life and he could use a helping hand to find a new home, and leave the animal control building.

Shortly after Loki was surrendered, the Facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, wrote:

LOKI is 15 and he was left by his busy family. He is a beautiful soul and he is trying to understand where he is by walking around and checking things out, he seems to be mostly blind.

Loki is being held at the Carson Animal Services facility in Gardena, California. Please share his adoption information to help him find a rescue agency, or a loving new home.

  • Petharbor link here
  • LOKI – ID#A3639840
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
    Ask for information about animal ID number A3639840
  • Note – all inquiries about this dog, including those about health and availability, must be made directly to the animal control agency

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10 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    ALL I CAN SAY about these ” CALIFORNIA GUPPIES ” That will dump their animal at a HIGH KILL SHELTER KNOWING THE CHANCES are THAT POOR DOG that LOVED THEM UNCONDITIONALLY IS “”” YOUR TURN WILL COME!!! I HOPE YOUR SPOUSE OR YOUR KIDS WILL DUMP U OFF AN DRIVE AWAY NOT LOOK ING BACK !!!!! Then U Think BACK in your moment of Shock and Despair and THINK OF YOUR LITTLE DOG “Loki” ” Please let a rescue step up and help him Live out the life he should have!!!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    “Too busy” a good excuse for dumping a little 15 year old dog! How much time could this little dog take out of their “busy” day? Prayers Loki find his way out so he can spend his remaining days in a loving home.

    • Darla says:

      Exactly…..there’s no way that little dog takes very much time. He probably doesn’t even need to go for walks anymore, at least not for more than 5 or 10 minutes.

  3. Beth(SunWolf) Chaney says:

    This just doesn’t happen in Calif. there are high kill shelters throughout the United States it happens at all of them.
    I wish the karma upon assholes who did this to Loki, if I had my way I’d drop them in one see how they like it! Probably got a new younger pup already…


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