12-year-old Prince left behind at shelter as his owner moves on

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In Long Island, New York, Prince, a 12-year-old purebred black Labrador retriever was surrendered to the Brookhaven Shelter on Monday.Prince 12 year

For years over his first decade, Prince’s routine had been predictable; beginning with his morning walk, his breakfast and then of course his usual comfortable nap in his soft bed. And when his owner grabbed the leash and together they walked towards the car, Prince became excited – car ride – how much fun is that? In Prince’s mind he imagined they were headed to the park or maybe to a friend’s home. It didn’t matter – it was an adventure with the person who meant the most to Prince in his entire life. Tragically, when they pulled up at the shelter, Prince instinctively knew this was  a place he didn’t want to be.

Terribly frightened, confused and greeted by the cacophony of 90 other dogs waiting to be noticed and wanting a home, Prince’s owner removed his dog’s leash, walked out the door and there it was – another dog left behind – his heart broken into a million pieces when his human companion never turned around nor waited for Prince to get back into the car. Who can explain to Prince he did nothing wrong? According to his owner, he was moving into an apartment and no dogs were allowed. How does that help Prince?

A Facebook page for Prince can be found here. Volunteers from the group, Desperate Dogs of Long Island describe Prince as follows:

“Prince has lived with children of all ages, and he is friendly and social with all he meets. He does well with other dogs, and if you own other dogs, a meet and greet with your dog is required. He is available through Brookhaven’s foster program, where all medical if needed will be covered. He is also available for adoption. A shelter is no place for any dog, much less a senior- please share his story widely….and let’s find Prince…his angel.”

Please share Prince’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives, and every life is worth saving.  For more information about Prince, please contact the Brookhaven Shelter at  631-451-6942.

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  1. The next sound you will hear is my head exploding. I cannot believe that some pos, make that POS!!!!!, actually dumped this beautiful SENIOR BLACK lab at a freaking shelter. Someone in the Long Island, NY, please run, now, to the shelter. Yes, it’s closed now, but that way you will be there first in line to get Prince when it opens. And, if for some unknown reason that doesn’t happen, then he will need to go the foster home, pledges and rescue group route. Either way, he needs out before he gets sick. Or starts getting gray hairs. My black dog started getting gray hairs when he was two and now he’s pretty gray. Prince, you are unbelievably handsome. You POS former person is 5159!!!


  2. she mistreat the dog .he was a 4 legged kid wearing fur and she dumped him.make her pay bigtime money to the shlter for her dogs care until the dog has a home where he can enjoy a nice life.

  3. Unfortunately, Prince and his human live in an area of the country where dogs are increasingly unwelcome. How hard Prince’s human looked for a home where he or she could take him is something only that person knows, but the Draconian laws New York landlords have chosen to adopt toward pets only prove that New Yorkers are what the rest of us think they are.

    • EXCUSE me but I live on Long Island, we love dogs. My affluent north shore town caters to dogs. People here spend a fortune on dogs. Do not say dogs are unwelcome here

  4. Prince has the unfortunate LUCK to have a n OWNER with NO HEART or SOUL!!! to have a dog that long and JUST decide one day By! BY! is beyond belief!!! to me let along this devoted dog!!! So sad!!!

  5. The owner obviously didn’t deserve to have this poor dog. Prince trusted that he would be loved and never left during his life with this loser. Now he’s the one paying for it. I hope someone steps up and does what these dogs do to our lives everyday, and saves poor Prince.. This is so sad. I would never leave my dogs.

  6. This is just so Very Wrong. This poor handsome faithful dog just dumped. I really hope some kind and loving person will take in prince and give him the life he deserves. I hope the “owner” is made to feel very guilty. I’d take in an instant but I live in the UK. My dog is My life and god help Anyone who trys to get in between us. Good luck Prince XX.

  7. I would love to take this dog. I have two other dogs and they get along with other dogs and they are older I have a nice home with a big yard for play. I am home most of the time, but I live in Virginia.
    Let me know


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