12-year-old paralyzed dog dumped on street in plastic container

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To most people, it is  beyond comprehension understanding how anyone could abandon a 12-year-old, paralyzed dog on a street in South Florida. And there it was – a startling reality – the heartbreaking vision of a Dachshund unable to walk, unable to help herself, lying in an orange plastic container and placed in a situation where she was at the mercy of whomever stood in front of her.

Stepping up to the emergency situation early Saturday afternoon, and rescuing the sweet paralyzed dog from the shelter after she was found by Animal Control, has been Dachshund Rescue South Florida.

“Our medical transport is in the field to get the girl we have named Autumn to Southeast Veterinary Neurology where they are on standby for this senior “stray” who came to the shelter paralyzed,” the rescue group posted to their Facebook followers earlier in the afternoon.

Autumn is resting comfortably at the veterinary clinic. Donations are needed to see her through possible surgery and rehabilitation. With the generous help of the rescue’s supporters, Dachshund Rescue South Florida has saved nearly 500 Dachshunds and Dachshund mixes since the start of 2016. Won’t you help save Autumn’s life? Click here for Fundrazr.

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  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    How cruel of who ever did this to this poor little deserving girl! I have had dachshunds for over 47 years … Have rescued numerous and had two that were paralyzed in the back. We had a custom made wheel chair for both of them!!! Praise the Dachshund Rescue of Florida for Stepping up to the Plate!!! The Dachshund Rescues across the USA are a Dedicated Group of Dachshund Lovers!!!!


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